Fairmont Hotel • Dallas, TX
August 4–9, 2013
IJCNN is the premier international conference in the area of Neural Networks: theory, analysis, and applications.
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Organizing Committee

Program Co-Chairs

photo Marley Vellasco
Marley Vellasco
Pontifícia Universidade Catόlica do Rio de Janeiro
photo Emilio del Moral Hernandez
Emilio del Moral Hernandez
University of Sao Paulo

Competitions Chair

photo Sven Crone
Sven Crone
Lancaster University, UK

Tutorials Co-Chairs

photo Leonid Perlovsky
Leonid Perlovsky
US Air Force, Harvard University
photo Suresh Sundaram
Suresh Sundaram
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Special Sessions Chair

photo Radu-Emil Precup
Radu-Emil Precup
Politehnica University of Timisoara

Web Reviews Chair

photo Tomasz Cholewo
Tomasz Cholewo
Lexmark International Inc.

Panels Chair

photo Juyeng Weng
Juyeng Weng
Michigan State University

Workshop Chair

photo Simona Doboli
Simona Doboli
Hofstra University

Publicity Chair

photo Bill Howell
Bill Howell
NRCan, Ottawa

Awards Chair

photo Michael Watts
Michael Watts
AIS St Helens, Auckland

Sponsors & Exhibits Chair

photo Jagannathan Sarangipani
Jagannathan Sarangipani
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publications Chair

photo Bruno Apolloni
Bruno Apolloni
University of Milan

International Liaison

photo Francesco Carlo Morabito
Francesco Carlo Morabito
University of Reggio Calabria

European Liaison

photo Petya Koprinkova
Petya Koprinkova
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Local Arrangements Chair

photo David Levine
David Levine
University of Texas at Arlington


photo Dan Alexandru
Dan Alexandru
Politehnica University of Timisoara

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